Our Production Process

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Our Production Process

Our 30 second promotional and informative videos are short, sharp and have content that showcases your business.

It today’s fast paced world, your customers don’t really have time to stop and watch a 2 minute video, let alone a 5 minute one.

Your message needs to be clear and to the point to gain their attention and cut through the social media noise.

Our 30 second videos are created and produced to do just that!

The rebl Connect platform and CRM system are utilised to communicate with our clients and to host their expanding video library.

Clients are connected to one of our Media Strategists who discuss with them their overall marketing, communication and customer engagement requirements.

Every client is allocated a Due Date that allows them to plan the content, offers and any call to action for each video.

Our Production team communicate with clients via rebl Connect and our editing team produce their video based on their brief or if they are too busy we produce a video based on their business and key requirements that were discussed with the Media Strategist.

With consistent strategic marketing comes growth!
Allow us to be a part of yours