Digital Rebl


Digital rebl’s CRM and software platforms provide our clients with easy to manage, DIY, solutions that allow them to manage and communicate with current customers, target potential clients, host their content (including videos) and post their content to their social media channels.  

Want to know more about rebl connect Light hardware solutions, click here for more details on our energy efficient hardware solutions designed to help SME to Corporate businesses.

Software Base Features include:

Marketing CRM Platform

  • Segment your customers/leads
  • Track your marketing communications with customers/leads
  • Import/Export Customers/Leads
  • Unlimited Contacts/Leads
  • Unlimited Users
  • Access on any device

Software Subscription Features

Marketing Tools

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Networks

  • Campaign Dashboards
  • Activity Reporting
  • Customer/Leads Reporting
Content Hosting

  • Upload/Download your business marketing material

Paid Service Package Features


  • Chat one on one with Rebl Corp
  • Communicate with Video Editors (Service Package only)
  • Connect with Media & Digital Specialists (Service Package only)
Ongoing Price $1,760.00 (incl GST) per month

Other Digital Marketing Services

Rebl Corp Partners can also help customers with the following value add services:

Digital Strategy
All effective digital campaigns are forged from an effective, ongoing digital strategy
Content Marketing
Create and Share other great Content to stimulate interest in your products or services
Increase the quantity and quality of website traffic through organic search engine results
Branding & Design
make sure your visual Brand, website and marketing materials reflect your business and is engaging to your customers and targets
Social Media Marketing
Businesses need a social media presence, and it must be engaging, relevant and timely
Lead Generation
Create and launch cost effective lead generation campaigns
Website Design and Refurbishment
A website is your storefront to the world. Keep it updated and relevant

With consistent strategic marketing comes growth!
Allow us to be a part of yours